Thursday, July 2, 2009

Woe Is Me: The Epic-Tale of Rudy Fernendez

It has been a soap opera lately in regards to the Rudy Fernandez saga. Apparently, Rudy isn't too thrilled about the idea of the Trail Blazers pursing Hedo Turkoglu, with the reports going as far as to say that Rudy is "infuriated" about the possible acquisition. That report, by Chris Sheridan, came out around 12:00 pm yesterday afternoon, and Blazer fans only had to wait till dinner time before another twist. Jason Quick rebutted that Rudy being upset was "new news to the Blazers" as KP and Coach McMillan had jut previously spoken with him about all off-season moves, including moving fellow Spaniard Sergio Rodriguez, and that Rudy seemed "OK with everything they've done." As I awoke this morning, Blazers Edge had already translated an interview done with Rudy via It took 3 reports, but we finally got information directly from the source. The main concern on Rudy's behalf is the logjam it could create with the addition of Hedo. He was quoted as saying, "Turkoglu is a Guard and we are speaking about almost six for two positions. This makes me think that the team does not give me space for my work. I have demonstrated that I could be more of a factor." Rudy did leave a lot of money on the table in Europe to come over and play here in Portland and it seems all he wants is minutes to play, as seen by the quote, "I have been surprised with the minutes that I have played but if now they pick up a player in my position, that will stop my progression, and what I want is minutes so I can improve." But what did he realistically expect coming to Portland where he plays the same position as the franchise player? It would be different if Rudy could play the point or small forward positions for extended periods of time, but he isn't strong enough to play the 3's on defense and isn't quick enough laterally to stay in front of the point guards. Dustin's Take: I understand Rudy wants to play, but getting 26 mpg as a rookie isn't exactly getting splinters from riding the pine. If he was smart, he'd look at how the Spurs use Manu Ginobli for reference as a spark off the bench but still a player who can get crunch time minutes. I just don't ever see him being a star in the NBA; I don't think his body is made for the wear and tear that guys like Roy, Wade, and Kobe take on a nightly basis at the 2 guard spot. Have we ever seen a more beloved player? He should realize just how great of a situation playing in front of the Rose Garden crowd is. Every team needs role players and I hope Rudy can understand that. Unfortunately, I don't think he ever will. I have been a big advocate of trading Rudy since mid-season, because he'll never accept a backup role and will never start ahead of Roy. You all know the saying, buy low, sell high! Matt's Take: The question now is, knowing that it will upset Rudy, should the Blazers still go after Turkoglu? He was a solid part of the rotation all last year. I could see him being slightly concerned over bringing in a player that does what he does, but to be "infuriated?" It seems pretty over the top. Obviously the organization has put a lot of faith in him. We need to first of all find out if we even sign Turkoglu before we do anything. I think that they can not only coexist, but thrive with each other. If at this point we sit Rudy down and he’s still unhappy, we should look to see what we can get on the point guard market as a last resort. If Rudy is here for next season, all I ask is this: 8Ball & MJG - You Don't Want Drama

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  1. I'd be worried if I was Rudy too, but getting all pissed isn't going to help him out. Hopefully he can go back to Europe and get some of that money