Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet N' Greet

How long have you been a Trail Blazers Fan? Dustin: For 19 years, all the way back to 1990. Matt: As long as I can remember. My first true memory of watching a Blazers game was Game 6 of the 1992 NBA finals, fitting that, that heartbreak would be my first Blazers memory. How did you become a Trail Blazers Fan? Dustin: My family was hosting a church bbq outside of my dad's store and I was 5, so I was really bored. I asked my mom for some money and went in and saw basketball cards and bought a few packs. I ended up getting some Blazers cards and I already loved playing basketball, and the rest, as they say, is history. Matt: My dad is a fan of the Blazers and growing up we played a lot of basketball together. Basketball became my sport, and it was only natural for me to choose the Blazers. The early 90s were a fun time to become a Blazers fan. Who is your favorite former Trail Blazer? Dustin: Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, easily. I once waited in line, for what seemed like hours, at the Heritage Mall in Albany to meet him and have him sign my card. The fact that he was a class act along with the spectacular plays made him that much more likable. Matt: My favorite former Blazer has to be Clyde. I loved Sabonis too, but Clyde made me the Blazer fan that I am today. He was so exciting. He could fly. Who is your favorite current Trail Blazer? Dustin: Travis Outlaw. It really stemmed from meeting him after a game in 2007 and seeing how genuinely nice he was. I love his high flying dunks and the fact that he can come in at any time and hit game winners like nobodies business. Jerryd Bayless is a close 2nd. Matt: It's just too hard not to pick Brandon Roy. He is everything you could want in a player and a citizen of Portland. Really classy guy, and very humble, and at the end of the game, you just know that he'll find a way. Who is your most hated opposing team and why? Dustin: The Lakers and it isn't even close. I learned to hate them from an early age. The first memory of disgust with the purple and gold came during the 1991 WCF. I had just came home from seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (I was 6 and put the Turtles ahead of the Blazers, it'll never happen again) at the theater and was hoping for some good news in regards to Game 1. It turned out we lost that game and the series. The quickest way to hatred is to break a little kid's heart. It was that moment along with seeing Magic throwing the ball down the court as the seconds of our season ticked away in Game 6. I'll never forget that. Matt: Of course it's the Lakers. So many heartbreaks, so many oustings from the playoffs. They have had so much success against us. It's just so frustrating, but we are about to be the kid brother that finally beats big brother in one on one. What is your most memorable Trail Blazer moment? Dustin: Matt: What is your favorite piece of Trail Blazers memorabilia? Dustin: It would definitely be my Adidas Trail Blazers shoe signed by Roy, Aldridge, & Outlaw. What makes it so special is the fact I got to meet all of the players and had them sign it in person. Matt: I have a wall dedicated to Blazers memorabilia. My favorite piece is probably my original 1977 Sports Illustrated with Bill Walton on the cover and the title "Blazers all the Way!"

The Roots of Holy Backboard

The term Holy Backboard is one of the many memorable catch phrases of the former radio announcer Bill Schonely used during broadcasts to cap off a tremendous play. Holy Backboard may not be as memorable as "Rip City", "Bingo, Bango, Bongo" or "You've got to make your free throws", but when asked to recall your favorite Schonely moments for his 80th birthday; one thing stood out to me. As a kid, I would often listen to the games on the radio, and Schonz would be describing the action. All of a sudden Terry Porter went up for a three, and as if on cue, Schonz yelled out "HOLY BACKBOARD!" to celebrate the three point make from Porter. Being that Schonz was one of the first memories of being a Trail Blazers fan for both Matt and I, it only felt fitting to name this blog after something he coined to be synonymous with the Trail Blazers.