Thursday, July 16, 2009

Running Down a Dream: 2 Hot 2 Stop It

If you were a Trail Blazers fan growing up in the early 90's than you can appreciate the music videos the team put out each year. The more notable ones were Rip City Rhapsody from 1990 and Bust a Bucket in 92, but 2 Hot 2 Stop It, from Running Down a Dream in 1991, gets overlooked. The title of the track came from the amazing 16 game winning streak Portland was riding into the playoffs, and looked like they were 2 hot 2 be stopped. Out of all the songs made from that era, this is definitely top 2 along with Bust a Bucket. All I have to say is "Dammit, Clyde!" Why didn't you have a Nike contract so all of us could have seen your musical talent shine like Jerome's?

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