Friday, July 10, 2009

What the hell's goin' on out here?

Where to even begin? For better or worse, Hedo Turkoglu left us high and dry at the alter and backed out of a verbal agreement to sign with the Trail Blazers and go across the border to the Raptors. Whether you were pro-Hedo or anti-Hedo, it is a pretty bad omen to strike out on your #1 target for the summer while wasting all of our time courting him when your other backup options are already being snagged up.
Hedo spurning us for Toronto is no big deal, but when reports coming out late Wednesday night that negotiation talks between Brandon Roy's agent and Kevin Pritchard were stalling, it sent shock waves across Blazer Nation. If there was just one goal to get accomplished this summer, it was to extend the contracts of Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge as quickly and easily as possible. Most fans expected some hangup with negotiations between KP and Aldridge's agent, because he's not quite a MAX level player, but you don't want to insult him with an offer, because he is one to hold grudges. It didn't make matters any easier when mediocre NBA bigs got huge extensions; Andre Bargnani for 5 years and $50 million and Anderson Varejao for 6 years totaling $50 million. KP's hopes to sign LaMarcus to a deal working around $10 million/yr now seems out of the question.
Roy's extension, on the other hand, should have been done in seconds. I'm not usually a big fan of what John Canzano has to say, but he nailed it right on the head, "Brandon Roy should get anything he wants!" He is the franchise, the cornerstone, whatever you want to call it, he's it. If KP plans to keep Roy and Aldridge around for a "very long time", than what does it matter if his first extension is only 5 years instead of 4? Also, am I missing something but wouldn't you want Roy for the longest extension possible, which he wants?
One move being talked about that shows promise is the "toxic" contract offer to Utah Jazz restricted free agent Paul Millsap. The news about Millsap broke Wednesday night as well, but its Friday afternoon and there are conflicting reports, surprise, about whether or not Millsap even has an official offer sent to him. Jason Quick reported yesterday afternoon on 1080 The Fan, Millsap had indeed been sent an offer, but just moments later on the Canzano's Bald Faced Truth radio segment, KP denied the report of an official offer being made.
A lot of questions have been raised about the potential acquisition of Millsap. Is he worth $8-9 million a year as a backup? Will there even be enough minutes for him? Or is he just leverage in trying to push Utah into the rumored 3 team deal also involving Chicago and Portland, with Portland obtaining Hinrich? Of course, staying on par with this summer, conflicting reports are being made about this possible trade. Jason Quick and Adrian Wojnarowski are refuting it, while Chad Ford and Marc Stein still believe the deal has legs.
While KP continues to be selective to find that "special fit", his other targets are being taken off the board. Just two days ago, Brandon Bass had Portland in his final 3, along with Detroit and Orlando, but he is now officially off the market as he chose to sign with the Orlando Magic. Bass wouldn't have been a huge loss if we were offering someone else, but we seem to be in limbo over what we want to do, seemingly over thinking all decisions.
Finally, in the "what can go wrong, will go wrong" category, rookie point guard Patty Mills broke his foot earlier today in a summer league practice. When will something go right? Hopefully Roy and Aldridge sign their extensions soon and the summer of hell can start to turn around, but until then....

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